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Sehgal, A.[Anshul] Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition using Bayesian geometric hashing and pose clustering
* Distortion-buffer optimized TCP video streaming
* High Capacity Data Embedding in the Wavelet Domain
* Predictive encoding using coset codes
* Real-Time Scale Invariant 3D Range Point Cloud Registration
* state-free causal video encoding paradigm, A
Includes: Sehgal, A.[Anshul] Sehgal, A. Sehgal, A.[Anuj]

Sehgal, C.M. Co Author Listing * Use of Gray Value Distribution of Run Lengths for Texture Analysis

Sehgal, N.[Nukul] Co Author Listing * DNA encoding based feature extraction for biometric watermarking
* Finding rigid sub-structure patterns from 3D point-sets
Includes: Sehgal, N.[Nukul] Sehgal, N.

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