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Sareen, K.K.[Kuldeep K.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical data clustering approach for segmenting colored three-dimensional point clouds of building interiors
* Reconstructing complex scenes for virtual reality

Sarel, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * Separating Transparent Layers of Repetitive Dynamic Behaviors
* Separating Transparent Layers through Layer Information Exchange

Sarela, J.[Jaakko] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Combined Shape Descriptors for Irregular Objects
Includes: Sarela, J.[Jaakko] Särelä, J.[Jaakko] (Maybe also Saerelae, J.)

Sarem, M.[Mudar] Co Author Listing * Fast fractal image compression algorithm using specific update search
* fast region segmentation algorithm on compressed gray images using Non-symmetry and Anti-packing Model and Extended Shading representation, A
* FNRegion: A fast NAM-based region extraction algorithm
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Nonsymmetry and Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model
* Indoor semantic segmentation based on Swin-Transformer
* novel gray image representation using overlapping rectangular NAM and extended shading approach, A
* novel local derivative quantized binary pattern for object recognition, A
* novel multi-image super-resolution reconstruction method using anisotropic fractional order adaptive norm, A
* novel NAM-based image segmentation using hierarchical density-based spatial clustering, A
Includes: Sarem, M.[Mudar] Sarem, M.
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Saremi, H.[Hanieh] Co Author Listing * Sub-Compartment Variation in Tree Height, Stem Diameter and Stocking in a Pinus radiata D. Don Plantation Examined Using Airborne LiDAR Data

Saremi, M.[Mehrin] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic selection of frames for early action recognition in videos

Saremi, P.[Parham] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3D Interaction Models from Images using Shape Prior

Saremi, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Correlated Percolation, Fractal Structures, and Scale-Invariant Distribution of Clusters in Natural Images
* Salp Swarm Algorithm: A bio-inspired optimizer for engineering design problems
Includes: Saremi, S.[Saeed] Saremi, S.[Shahrzad]

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