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Sapena, A.[Almanzor] Co Author Listing * Fast detection and removal of impulsive noise using peer groups and fuzzy metrics
* Fuzzy averaging filter for impulse noise reduction in colour images with a correction step
* Fuzzy Bilateral Filtering for Color Images
* Some improvements for image filtering using peer group techniques
* Two-step fuzzy logic-based method for impulse noise detection in colour images

Sapena, M. Co Author Listing * Analysing Relationships Between Urban Land Use Fragmentation Metrics And Socio-economic Variables
* Analyzing Links between Spatio-Temporal Metrics of Built-Up Areas and Socio-Economic Indicators on a Semi-Global Scale
Includes: Sapena, M. Sapena, M.[Marta]

Saperstein, L.B.[Lisa B.] Co Author Listing * Giving Ecological Meaning to Satellite-Derived Fire Severity Metrics across North American Forests

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