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Sanya, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling of free-form surfaces and shape from shading

Sanyal, G.[Goutam] Co Author Listing * BCP-BCS: Best-Fit Cascaded Matching Paradigm with Cohort Selection Using Bezier Curve for Individual Recognition
* Constraint saliency based intelligent camera for enhancing viewers attention towards intended face
* efficient face recognition approach using PCA and minimum distance classifier, An
* Estimating Attention of Faces Due to its Growing Level of Emotions
* Generating realtime panorama using a generalized feature vector approach
* Real time human action recognition using triggered frame extraction and a typical CNN heuristic
* Selection of User-Dependent Cohorts Using Bezier Curve for Person Identification
Includes: Sanyal, G.[Goutam] Sanyal, G.
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Sanyal, J.[Jibonananda] Co Author Listing * Continuous Emulation and Multiscale Visualization of Traffic Flow Using Stationary Roadside Sensor Data
* Smart Mobility in the Cloud: Enabling Real-Time Situational Awareness and Cyber-Physical Control Through a Digital Twin for Traffic
* User Experience of Hurricane Visualization in an Immersive 3D Environment
Includes: Sanyal, J.[Jibonananda] Sanyal, J.

Sanyal, M.K.[Manas K.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Causal Interactions and Predictive Modelling of Financial Markets Using Econometric Methods, Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transformation and Machine Learning: A Study in Asian Context

Sanyal, R. Co Author Listing * Scalable ADMM Algorithm for Rigid Registration, A

Sanyal, S.[Soubhik] Co Author Listing * Aligned discriminative pose robust descriptors for face and object recognition
* Contextual Emotion Learning Challenge
* Continual Domain Adaptation through Pruning-aided Domain-specific Weight Modulation
* Discriminative Pose-Free Descriptors for Face and Object Matching
* Generating 3D Faces Using Convolutional Mesh Autoencoders
* GenLR-Net: Deep Framework for Very Low Resolution Face and Object Recognition with Generalization to Unseen Categories
* I-FAC: Efficient Fuzzy Associative Classifier for Object Classes in Images
* Improvements on Fast Space-Variant Elliptical Filtering Using Box Splines
* Learning Realistic Human Reposing using Cyclic Self-Supervision with 3D Shape, Pose, and Appearance Consistency
* Learning to Regress 3D Face Shape and Expression From an Image Without 3D Supervision
* Sparsity-Driven Reconstruction for FDOT With Anatomical Priors
* Towards Data-Free Model Stealing in a Hard Label Setting
* Who will receive the ball? Predicting pass recipient in soccer videos
Includes: Sanyal, S.[Soubhik] Sanyal, S.[Snehil] Sanyal, S.[Sunandini] Sanyal, S. Sanyal, S.[Subhajit] Sanyal, S.[Samriddha]
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