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Sanma, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Fast Hand Gesture Recognition Using Representative Frames

Sanmartin Vich, N.[Nofre] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the effect of shot noise in indirect Time-of-Flight cameras
* Guided Depth Completion Using Active Infrared Images in Time of Flight Systems
* Shot Noise Analysis for Differential Sampling in Indirect Time of Flight Cameras
Includes: Sanmartin Vich, N.[Nofre] Sanmartin-Vich, N.[Nofre] Sanmartín-Vich, N.[Nofre]

Sanmartin, E.F.[Enrique Fita] Co Author Listing * Extensions of Karger's Algorithm: Why They Fail in Theory and How They Are Useful in Practice
Includes: Sanmartin, E.F.[Enrique Fita] Sanmartín, E.F.[Enrique Fita]

Sanmartin, F.[Fulgencio] Co Author Listing * Digital Preservation: How to Be Trustworthy

Sanmartin, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Motion Capture for Clinical Purposes, an Approach Using PrimeSense Sensors
Includes: Sanmartin, G.[Gabriel] Sanmartín, G.[Gabriel]

Sanmartin, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Design Through Operation of an Image-Based Velocity Estimation System for Mars Landing

SanMiguel, J.C.[Juan C.] Co Author Listing * Graph Neural Networks for Cross-Camera Data Association
* Hierarchical Improvement of Foreground Segmentation Masks in Background Subtraction
* Human skeletons and change detection for efficient violence detection in surveillance videos
* Multi-Tracker Partition Fusion
* Robust Semantic Segmentation UNCV2023 Challenge Results, The
Includes: SanMiguel, J.C.[Juan C.] Sanmiguel, J.C. SanMiguel, J.C.

Sanmohan Co Author Listing * Primitive Based Action Representation and Recognition

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