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Sai Prasad, P.S.V.S. Co Author Listing * Third Order Backward Elimination Approach for Fuzzy-Rough Set Based Feature Selection

Sai Ram, K. Co Author Listing * Video Based Person Re-Identification by Re-Ranking Attentive Temporal Information in Deep Recurrent Convolutional Networks

Sai Sindhu, V. Co Author Listing * Building facade detection via plane support points clustering

Sai, B. Co Author Listing * GPR Phase-Based Techniques for Profiling Rough Surfaces and Detecting Small, Low-Contrast Landmines Under Flat Ground

Sai, B.N. Co Author Listing * Using Deep 3D Features and an LSTM Based Sequence Model for Automatic Pain Detection in the Wild

Sai, B.T.[B. Tarun] Co Author Listing * Creating speaker independent ASR system through prosody modification based data augmentation

Sai, C. Co Author Listing * Biologically inspired approaches to automated feature extraction and target recognition

Sai, I.S.[Ilya S.] Co Author Listing * Criterion of Noisy Images Quality, A

Sai, M.V.R.S.[M. V. R. Sesha] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Analysis Of Near-surface Soil Moisture Time Series Data Over Indian Region
* Quality Estimates of INSAT-3D Derived Cloud Top Temperature for Climate Data Record
* Retrieval and Validation of Cloud Top Temperature from the Geostationary Satellite INSAT-3D
* Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification
Includes: Sai, M.V.R.S.[M. V. R. Sesha] Sai, M.V.R.S.[Mullapudi V. R. Sesha]

Sai, Q.[Qiuyue] Co Author Listing * Ensemble machine learning based driving range estimation for real-world electric city buses by considering battery degradation levels

Sai, S.V.[Sergey V.] Co Author Listing * Criterion of Noisy Images Quality, A

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