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Saguchi, Y.[Yasuyuki] Co Author Listing * Firefly capturing method: Motion capturing by monocular camera with large spherical aberration of lens and Hough-transform-based image processing
* Proposal of recordable pointer: Pointed position measurement by projecting interference concentric circle pattern with a pointing device

Sagues, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Automatic Matching and Motion Estimation from Two Views of a Multiplane Scene
* Camera motion from brightness on lines. Combination of features and normal flow
* Catadioptric camera model with conic mirror
* Computing Homographies from Three Lines or Points in an Image Pair
* Direct Method to Obtain Straight Edge Depth from Motion
* Distributed multi-camera visual mapping using topological maps of planar regions
* From lines to epipoles through planes in two views
* Tracking Features with Camera Maneuvering for Vision-Based Navigation
* Unitary torus model for conical mirror based catadioptric system
* Visual Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots: Unifying Vision and Control in Generic Approaches
* Weakly supervised labeling of dominant image regions in indoor sequences
Includes: Sagues, C.[Carlos] Sagüés, C.[Carlos] Sagues, C. Sagüés, C.
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Sagues, L. Co Author Listing * Indoor Experiments on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

Sagun, L.[Levent] Co Author Listing * Confusing Large Models by Confusing Small Models

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