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Safdar, M.W. Co Author Listing * Dynamically-Sampled Bivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition

Safdar, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Computer-Aided Detection System for Meniscal Tears on Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Renal Segmentation From 3D Ultrasound via Fuzzy Appearance Models and Patient-Specific Alpha Shapes

Safdari, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Vi2CLR: Video and Image for Visual Contrastive Learning of Representation

Safdarinezhad, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Shadow-Based Hierarchical Matching for the Automatic Registration of Airborne LiDAR Data and Space Imagery
* Unsupervised Zoning of Cultivation Areas With Similar Cultivation Pattern in Golestan Province Based On The Vegetation Products of MODIS Sensor
Includes: Safdarinezhad, A.[Alireza] Safdarinezhad, A.

Safdarinezhad, A.R. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach To Super Resolution Mapping of Multispectral Imagery Based On Pixel Swapping Technique, A

Safdarnejad, S.M.[Seyed Morteza] Co Author Listing * Genre categorization of amateur sports videos in the wild
* Robust Global Motion Compensation in Presence of Predominant Foreground
* Spatio-Temporal Alignment of Non-overlapping Sequences from Independently Panning Cameras
* Sports Videos in the Wild (SVW): A video dataset for sports analysis
* Temporally Robust Global Motion Compensation by Keypoint-Based Congealing
Includes: Safdarnejad, S.M.[Seyed Morteza] Safdarnejad, S.M.

Safdary, M. Co Author Listing * Toward Real Time UAVs' Image Mosaicking

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