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Sacramento, P. Co Author Listing * Multi temporal data visualization in EO mobile apps

Sacristan, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of Microcalcifications BI-Rads Numbers in Mammograms
Includes: Sacristan, A. Sacristán, A.

Sacristan, M.M.[M. Marchamalo] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection In Urban Scenarios
Includes: Sacristan, M.M.[M. Marchamalo] Sacristán, M.M.[M. Marchamalo]

Sacristan, P.C.[Pedro Cermeno] Co Author Listing * Depth-Specific Soil Electrical Conductivity and NDVI Elucidate Salinity Effects on Crop Development in Reclaimed Marsh Soils
Includes: Sacristan, P.C.[Pedro Cermeno] Sacristan, P.C.[Pedro Cermeño]

Sacristan, V.[Vera] Co Author Listing * Map construction algorithms: a local evaluation through hiking data
Includes: Sacristan, V.[Vera] Sacristán, V.[Vera]

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