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Rusek, F. Co Author Listing * Linear Precoder Design for MIMO-ISI Broadcasting Channels Under Channel Shortening Detection

Rusek, M.[Marian] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Random Maps Generation and Their Implementation as a Python Library

Rusert, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enhanced interframe wavelet video coding considering the interrelation of spatio-temporal transform and motion compensation
* Enhanced MC-EZBC Scalable Video Coder
* Flexible Bi-Directional Triadic MCTF with Multi-Hypothesis Update
* Guided just-in-time transcoding for cloud-based video platforms
* High Performance, Low Complexity Video Coding and the Emerging HEVC Standard
* Improvements to the MC-EZBC scalable video coder
* Macroblock Based Bit Allocation for SNR Scalable Video Coding with Hierarchical B Pictures
* Temporal scalability and layered transmission
Includes: Rusert, T.[Thomas] Rusert, T.
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Ruseva, T.[Tatyana] Co Author Listing * Mapping Cropland in Smallholder-Dominated Savannas: Integrating Remote Sensing Techniques and Probabilistic Modeling

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