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Roehl, C.[Coleen] Co Author Listing * Bias Correction of the Ratio of Total Column CH4 to CO2 Retrieved from GOSAT Spectra
* Evaluation and Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle and Variability of the Trend from GOSAT Methane Retrievals

Roehl, C.M.[Coleen M.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network
* Preflight Spectral Calibration of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2
Includes: Roehl, C.M.[Coleen M.] Roehl, C.M.

Roehrbein, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Exploitation of Natural Image Statistics by Biological Vision Systems: 1/f2 Power Spectra and Self-Similar Bandpass Decompositions

Roehrer, R.[Reinhard] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection in Melanoma Recognition

Roehrig, H. Co Author Listing * Method for Improving Image Quality in Digital Linear Tomography
* Using a Visual Discrimination Model for the Detection of Compression Artifacts in Virtual Pathology Images

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