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Ritcey, J.A. Co Author Listing * Quality-Driven Joint Rate and Power Adaptation for Scalable Video Transmissions Over MIMO Systems

Ritch, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Motion-Based Video Object Tracking in the Compressed Domain

Ritchie, A.C.[Andrew C.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Maps of Reef-Scale Bathymetry with Synchronized Underwater Cameras and GNSS

Ritchie, C.J. Co Author Listing * Correction of computed tomography motion artifacts using pixel-specific back-projection
* Elevation direction deconvolution in three-dimensional ultrasound imaging
* Respiratory compensation in projection imaging using a magnification and displacement model

Ritchie, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * CLIP-Sculptor: Zero-Shot Generation of High-Fidelity and Diverse Shapes from Natural Language
* Fast and Flexible Indoor Scene Synthesis via Deep Convolutional Generative Models
* Ganhopper: Multi-hop GAN for Unsupervised Image-to-image Translation
* Improving Shape Deformation in Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Inferring CAD Modeling Sequences Using Zone Graphs
* Motion Annotation Programs: A Scalable Approach to Annotating Kinematic Articulations in Large 3D Shape Collections
* Neurally-Guided Shape Parser: Grammar-based Labeling of 3D Shape Regions with Approximate Inference, The
* PLAD: Learning to Infer Shape Programs with Pseudo-Labels and Approximate Distributions
* ScanComplete: Large-Scale Scene Completion and Semantic Segmentation for 3D Scans
* Shape from Tracing: Towards Reconstructing 3D Object Geometry and SVBRDF Material from Images via Differentiable Path Tracing
* Shape Part Slot Machine: Contact-Based Reasoning for Generating 3D Shapes from Parts, The
* Unsupervised 3D Shape Reconstruction by Part Retrieval and Assembly
Includes: Ritchie, D.[Daniel] Ritchie, D.
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Ritchie, D.W. Co Author Listing * SHREC'10 Track: Protein Model Classification

Ritchie, E.A. Co Author Listing * Influence of Satellite Observation Angle to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using the Deviation Angle Variance Technique
* Using 250-M Surface Reflectance MODIS Aqua/Terra Product to Estimate Turbidity in a Macro-Tidal Harbour: Darwin Harbour, Australia
Includes: Ritchie, E.A. Ritchie, E.A.[Elizabeth A.]

Ritchie, J.M. Co Author Listing * Edge-Based Identification of DP-Features on Free-Form Solids

Ritchie, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Changes of Forest Structural Attributes at Three Different Spatial Aggregation Levels in Northern California using Multitemporal LiDAR
* Modeling the Amplitude Distribution of Radar Sea Clutter
* NetRAD: Monostatic and Bistatic Sea Clutter Texture and Doppler Spectra Characterization at S-Band
Includes: Ritchie, M.[Martin] Ritchie, M.[Matthew] Ritchie, M.

Ritchie, M.A.[Matthew A.] Co Author Listing * SARCASTIC v2.0: High-Performance SAR Simulation for Next-Generation ATR Systems

Ritchie, R.J.[Raymond J.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Field and Remote Sensing Method for Mapping Seagrass Species, Cover, and Biomass in Southern Thailand, An
* Mangrove Phenology and Environmental Drivers Derived from Remote Sensing in Southern Thailand
* Mangrove Phenology and Water Influences Measured with Digital Repeat Photography

Ritchie, S.G. Co Author Listing * Anonymous Vehicle Reidentification Using Heterogeneous Detection Systems
* Freeway Corridor Performance Measurement Based on Vehicle Reidentification
* Real-Time Freeway Level of Service Using Inductive-Signature-Based Vehicle Reidentification System
* Real-Time Hazardous Traffic Condition Warning System: Framework and Evaluation
* Recognizing vehicle classification information from blade sensor signature
* Vehicle Reidentification using multidetector fusion
Includes: Ritchie, S.G. Ritchie, S.G.[Stephen G.]

Ritchings, R.T. Co Author Listing * Detection of Abnormalities on Carotid Angiograms Using Syntactic Techniques
* Flexible page segmentation using the background
* Image Segmentation Using Maximum Gradient Profiles Orthogonal to Edges
* Image Understanding System for Carotid Angiograms
* Knowledge-Based Analysis of Carotid Angiograms

Ritchison, B.T.[Brandon T.] Co Author Listing * Archaeology and Remote Sensing of Santa Elena's Four Millennia of Occupation, The

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