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Reuveni, Y.[Yuval] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) Model for Ionospheric TEC Map Predictions
* On the Potential of Improving WRF Model Forecasts by Assimilation of High-Resolution GPS-Derived Water-Vapor Maps Augmented with METEOSAT-11 Data
* Using Support Vector Machine (SVM) with GPS Ionospheric TEC Estimations to Potentially Predict Earthquake Events

Reuvers, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Establishing and implementing a national 3D Standard in The Netherlands
* smart camera for face recognition, A
* Towards a 3D Geo-Information Standard in the Netherlands
* Towards a Generic 3d Standardisation Approach for The Netherlands Supporting Different Applications and Encodings
* Towards a National 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure: Case of The Netherlands
Includes: Reuvers, M.[Marcel] Reuvers, M.

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