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Resta, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Locality Filtering for Efficient Ride Sharing Platforms

Resta, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Detection of small changes in airborne hyperspectral imagery: Experimental results over urban areas

Restaino, R. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Procedure for Full-Resolution Quality Assessment of Pansharpened Products, A
* Class of Cloud Detection Algorithms Based on a MAP-MRF Approach in Space and Time, A
* Context-Adaptive Pansharpening Based on Binary Partition Tree Segmentation
* Context-Adaptive Pansharpening Based on Image Segmentation
* Critical Comparison Among Pansharpening Algorithms, A
* Data-Driven Model-Based Regression Applied to Panchromatic Sharpening, A
* Full Scale Regression-Based Injection Coefficients for Panchromatic Sharpening
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Morphological Operators
* Hyperspectral image inpainting based on collaborative total variation
* Hyperspectral Sharpening Approaches Using Satellite Multiplatform Data
* Improved Version of the Generalized Laplacian Pyramid Algorithm for Pansharpening, An
* Pansharpening Algorithm Based on Morphological Filters, A
* Pansharpening Based on Deconvolution for Multiband Filter Estimation
* Pansharpening Based on Semiblind Deconvolution
* Regression-Based High-Pass Modulation Pansharpening Approach, A
Includes: Restaino, R. Restaino, R.[Rocco]
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Restaino, S.R.[Sergio R.] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Image Stabilization

Restano, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * River Flow Monitoring by Sentinel-3 OLCI and MODIS: Comparison and Combination
* Validation of an Empirical Subwaveform Retracking Strategy for SAR Altimetry

Restelli, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * Inferring Functional Properties from Fluid Dynamics Features
* Optimizing Empty Container Repositioning and Fleet Deployment via Configurable Semi-POMDPs

Restenberg, M.A. Co Author Listing * Blood vessel segmentation using moving-window robust automatic threshold selection

Restif, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Towards Safer, Faster Prenatal Genetic Tests: Novel Unsupervised, Automatic and Robust Methods of Segmentation of Nuclei and Probes
* Using the Pn Potts model with learning methods to segment live cell images

Restivo, A. Co Author Listing * Recognizable Picture Languages

Restivo, C. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Spectral Unmixing for Optoacoustic Imaging of Tissue Oxygen Saturation

Restivo, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Virtual reality and haptics for dental surgery: a personal review

Restrepo Martinez, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Morphological Analysis for Temporary Behaviour Description of Photoelasticity Images on Plastic Films
Includes: Restrepo Martinez, A.[Alejandro] Restrepo-Martínez, A.[Alejandro]

Restrepo, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Trimmed Mean Filters for Image Restoration
* Analytical Properties of Teager's Filter
* Context-Based Defading of Archive Photographs
* Designing OSED's (order statistic edge detectors)
* Image Preprocessing Assessment Detecting Low Contrast Regions under Non-homogeneous Light Conditions
* Locally Monotonic Models for Image and Video Processing
* On the 2D Teager-Kaiser Operator
* On the detection of edges using order statistic filters
* Root and pre-constant signals of the 1D Teager-Kaiser operator
Includes: Restrepo, A. Restrepo, A.[Alejandro] Restrepo, A.[Alfredo]
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Restrepo, C.[Carla] Co Author Listing * Demand for Ecosystem Services Drive Large-Scale Shifts in Land-Use in Tropical Mountainous Watersheds Prone to Landslides

Restrepo, H.D.B.[Hernan Dario Benitez] Co Author Listing * Non-reference assessment of sharpness in blur/noise degraded images
Includes: Restrepo, H.D.B.[Hernan Dario Benitez] Restrepo, H.D.B.[Hernan Darío Benítez]

Restrepo, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda
* Principles of Light Field Imaging: Briefly revisiting 25 years of research
Includes: Restrepo, J.[Juan] Restrepo, J.

Restrepo, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Local Shape Descriptors in Probabilistic Volumetric Scenes, An

Restrepo, M.I.[Maria I.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of feature-based 3-d registration of probabilistic volumetric scenes
* High Resolution Surface Reconstruction from Multi-view Aerial Imagery

Restuccia Garofalo, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Roman Bridge By The Integration of Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetric Survey for Structural Analysis Purpose
* Integrated Survey for Tensional Analysis of The Vault of The Church Of San Nicola in Montedoro

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