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Refice, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Long, Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry Time Series for Slope Instability Monitoring: Two Case Studies in Southern Italy
* Bayesian Network for Flood Detection Combining SAR Imagery and Ancillary Data, A
* High-Resolution Flood Monitoring Based on Advanced Statistical Modeling of Sentinel-1 Multi-Temporal Stacks
* Impact of DEM-Assisted Coregistration on High-Resolution SAR Interferometry
* Impact of Future Sea-Level Rise on Low-Lying Subsiding Coasts: A Case Study of Tavoliere Delle Puglie (Southern Italy), The
* MST-Based Stepwise Connection Strategies for Multipass Radar Data, With Application to Coregistration and Equalization
* Multi-Chromatic Analysis of SAR Images for Coherent Target Detection
* Multichromatic Analysis of InSAR Data
* Statistically-Based Trend Analysis of MTInSAR Displacement Time Series
Includes: Refice, A.[Alberto] Refice, A.
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Refice, M. Co Author Listing * Learning Compatibility Coefficients for Relaxation Labeling Processes
* optimization algorithm for determining the compatibility coefficients of relaxation labeling processes, An

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