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Rateb, A.[Ashraf] Co Author Listing * 2018 Long Rainy Season in Kenya: Hydrological Changes and Correlated Land Subsidence, The

Rateb, A.M. Co Author Listing * On the Impact of Prefiltering on Compressed Sensing in Presence of Invalid Measurements

Rateke, T.[Thiago] Co Author Listing * Fast Pavement Location Approach for Autonomous Car Navigation, A
* Passive Vision Region-Based Road Detection: A Literature Review

Rates Borras, A.[Angels] Co Author Listing * Person Re-identification in Appearance Impaired Scenarios
* Systematic Evaluation and Benchmark for Person Re-Identification: Features, Metrics, and Datasets, A
Includes: Rates Borras, A.[Angels] Rates-Borras, A.[Angels]

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