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Putra, A.P.[Alfian Pratama] Co Author Listing * Historical Urban Land Use Transformation in Virtual Geo-Library

Putra, M.R.[Muhammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Technological Intervention for Moral Education Among Teenagers: A Review

Putra, T.Y.D.[Tandang Yuliadi Dwi] Co Author Listing * Toward the Evolution of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

Putranto, A.[Andi] Co Author Listing * Mccnet: Multi-color Cascade Network with Weight Transfer for Single Image Depth Prediction on Outdoor Relief Images

Putraya, G.[Gururaj] Co Author Listing * Fast EPI based depth for plenoptic cameras
* Pixel resolution plenoptic disparity using cost aggregation
* Subspace based disparity estimation for plenoptic cameras

Putrevu, S.L.[Satya Lahari] Co Author Listing * Discriminant substrokes for online handwriting recognition
* Learning Mixtures of Offline and Online features for Handwritten Stroke Recognition

Putri, A.F.S.[Ade Febri Sandhini] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Ground Deformation Due to 2018 Lombok Earthquake Series

Putri, A.R.D. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection Performance Comparison On Anomaly-detection Based Change Detection On Martian Image Pairs
* Identifying Surface Changes on HRSC Images of the Mars South Polar Residual Cap (SPRC)
* Seamless 3D Image Mapping and Mosaicing of Valles Marineris on Mars Using Orbital HRSC Stereo and Panchromatic Images
* Single Image Super-Resolution Restoration of TGO CaSSIS Colour Images: Demonstration with Perseverance Rover Landing Site and Mars Science Targets
Includes: Putri, A.R.D. Putri, A.R.D.[Alfiah Rizky Diana] Putri, A.R.D.[Alfiah R. D.]

Putri, N.A.[Niken Andika] Co Author Listing * Visualizing the Spatiotemporal Trends of Thermal Characteristics in a Peatland Plantation Forest in Indonesia: Pilot Test Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)

Putri, T. Co Author Listing * Artistic style characterization and brush stroke modelling for non-photorealistic rendering
* Circular Filtering and Neutrosophic Extraction of Vincent Van Gogh's Visible Brushstrokes

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