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Pivot, F. Co Author Listing * C-Band SAR Imagery for Snow-Cover Monitoring at Treeline, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Pivot, F.C.[Frederique C.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach to Waterbody Segmentation in Thermal Infrared Imagery in Support of Tactical Wildfire Mapping, A
Includes: Pivot, F.C.[Frederique C.] Pivot, F.C.[Frédérique C.]

Pivot, O. Co Author Listing * Scatter Correction for Spectral CT Using a Primary Modulator Mask

Pivovarnik, M. Co Author Listing * Improved Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Sensors
* Visualisation Of Dependencies Between City Structure And Thermal Behaviour In Brno
Includes: Pivovarnik, M. Pivovarník, M.

Pivovarov, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Performance Contest
* Demonstration of Handprinted Symbol Recognition, A
* Recognizing Symbols By Drawing Them
* Vector Templates for Symbol Recognition
Includes: Pivovarov, J. Pivovarov, J.[Juraj]

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