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Pisha, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Across Scales and Across Dimensions: Temporal Super-Resolution Using Deep Internal Learning
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Video Temporal Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Pisharady, P.K.[Pramod Kumar] Co Author Listing * Attention Based Detection and Recognition of Hand Postures Against Complex Backgrounds
* Gesture Recognition Performance Score: A New Metric to Evaluate Gesture Recognition Systems
* Recent methods and databases in vision-based hand gesture recognition: A review

Pisharoty, N.[Narayan] Co Author Listing * Colour image quality assessment using Laplacian pyramid decomposition
* Edge-based singular value decomposition for full reference colour image quality assessment

Pishchulin, L.[Leonid] Co Author Listing * 2D Human Pose Estimation: New Benchmark and State of the Art Analysis
* AOWS: Adaptive and Optimal Network Width Search With Latency Constraints
* Articulated people detection and pose estimation: Reshaping the future
* ArtTrack: Articulated Multi-Person Tracking in the Wild
* Building statistical shape spaces for 3D human modeling
* DeepCut: Joint Subset Partition and Labeling for Multi Person Pose Estimation
* DeeperCut: A Deeper, Stronger, and Faster Multi-person Pose Estimation Model
* Efficient ConvNet-based marker-less motion capture in general scenes with a low number of cameras
* Estimation of human body shape and posture under clothing
* Fast and the Flexible: Extended Pseudo Two-Dimensional Warping for Face Recognition, The
* Fine-Grained Activity Recognition with Holistic and Pose Based Features
* Image warping for face recognition: From local optimality towards global optimization
* In Good Shape: Robust People Detection based on Appearance and Shape
* Learning people detection models from few training samples
* Learning to Refine Human Pose Estimation
* MARCOnI: ConvNet-Based MARker-Less Motion Capture in Outdoor and Indoor Scenes
* Poselet Conditioned Pictorial Structures
* PoseTrack: A Benchmark for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Strong Appearance and Expressive Spatial Models for Human Pose Estimation
* TesseTrack: End-to-End Learnable Multi-Person Articulated 3D Pose Tracking
* Warp that smile on your face: Optimal and smooth deformations for face recognition
Includes: Pishchulin, L.[Leonid] Pishchulin, L.
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Pishdad, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * fair optimization scheduling scheme for IEEE 802.16 networks in multimedia applications, A
* RankMI: A Mutual Information Maximizing Ranking Loss

Pisheh, M.A.Z. Co Author Listing * Detection and compensation of image sequence jitter due to an unstable ccd camera for video tracking of a moving target

Pishehvar, P.[Panteha] Co Author Listing * SNAPPING Services on the Geohazards Exploitation Platform for Copernicus Sentinel-1 Surface Motion Mapping

Pishro Nik, H. Co Author Listing * Sampling Theorem Approach to Traffic Sensor Optimization, A
Includes: Pishro Nik, H. Pishro-Nik, H.

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