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Pekkalska, E.[Elzbieta] Co Author Listing * Dissimilarity Representation for Structural Pattern Recognition, The

Pekkan, K. Co Author Listing * New Method for Registration-Based Medical Image Interpolation, A

Pekkarinen, A. Co Author Listing * Forest variable estimation using a high-resolution digital surface model
* Image segment-based spectral features in the estimation of timber volume
* Local radiometric correction of digital aerial photographs for multi-source forest inventory
* method for the segmentation of very high spatial resolution images of forested landscapes, A
* Participatory mapping of forest plantations with Open Foris and Google Earth Engine
* Using Standardized Time Series Land Cover Maps to Monitor the SDG Indicator Mountain Green Cover Index and Assess Its Sensitivity to Vegetation Dynamics
Includes: Pekkarinen, A. Pekkarinen, A.[Anssi]

Pekkarinen, J.[Jarkko] Co Author Listing * Advanced Metaheuristic Approaches and Population Doping for a Novel Modeling-Based Method of Positron Emission Tomography Data Analysis
* Embedded processing methods for online visual analysis of laser welding
Includes: Pekkarinen, J.[Jarkko] Pekkarinen, J.[Joonas]

Pekkucuksen, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Edge Strength Filter Based Color Filter Array Interpolation
* Gradient based threshold free color filter array interpolation
* Multiscale Gradients-Based Color Filter Array Interpolation
* Surround View Camera Solution for Embedded Systems, A

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