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Pecora, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Changes in SO2 Flux Regime at Mt. Etna Captured by Automatically Processed Ultraviolet Camera Data
* Diagnostic Multidisciplinary Investigations for Cultural Heritage at Etna Volcano: A Case Study from the 1669 Eruption in the Mother Church at the Old Settlement of Misterbianco
* Explosive Paroxysmal Events at Etna Volcano of Different Magnitude and Intensity Explored through a Multidisciplinary Monitoring System
* Near-Real-Time Tephra Fallout Assessment at Mt. Etna, Italy
* Overflows and Pyroclastic Density Currents in March-April 2020 at Stromboli Volcano Detected by Remote Sensing and Seismic Monitoring Data
* PyTirCam-1.0: A Python Model to Manage Thermal Infrared Camera Data
* Use of Surveillance Cameras for the Rapid Mapping of Lava Flows: An Application to Mount Etna Volcano, The
* VEI 2 Christmas 2018 Etna Eruption: A Small But Intense Eruptive Event or the Starting Phase of a Larger One?, The
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Pecora, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Robots that maintain equilibrium: Proactivity by reasoning about user intentions and preferences

Pecora, S.[Silvano] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Copernicus Altimeter Water Level Data in Italian Rivers Accounting for Narrow River Sections

Pecoraino, G.[Giovannella] Co Author Listing * Inferences on the 2021 Ongoing Volcanic Unrest at Vulcano Island (Italy) through a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Surveillance Network

Pecoraro, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Extracting Compact Information from Image Benchmarking Tools: The SAR Despeckling Case

Pecorella, I.[Ivano] Co Author Listing * Methodology for the Definition of Durum Wheat Yield Homogeneous Zones by Using Satellite Spectral Indices

Pecori, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Deep neural networks ensemble to detect COVID-19 from CT scans

Pecot, M. Co Author Listing * Compatible coding of television images, part 1. Coding algorithm
* Compatible coding of television images, part 2. Compatible system
* Method for hierarchical estimation of the movement in a sequence of images
* Motion compensated subband coding schemes for compatible high definition TV coding
Includes: Pecot, M. Pecot, M.[Michel] Pécot, M.

Pecot, T. Co Author Listing * Background Fluorescence Estimation and Vesicle Segmentation in Live Cell Imaging With Conditional Random Fields

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