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Oveis, A.H. Co Author Listing * Iterative Target Localization in Distributed MIMO Radar From Bistatic Range Measurements

Oveisgharan, S. Co Author Listing * Error Model for Biomass Estimates Derived From Polarimetric Radar Backscatter, An
* Estimating Snow Accumulation From InSAR Correlation Observations
* Evaluating the Preconditions of Two Remote Sensing SWE Retrieval Algorithms over the US
* Sensitivity of Pol-InSAR Measurements to Vegetation Parameters
* Soil Moisture and Vegetation Water Content Retrieval Using QuikSCAT Data
* Spaceborne GNSS-R from the SMAP Mission: First Assessment of Polarimetric Scatterometry over Land and Cryosphere
Includes: Oveisgharan, S. Oveisgharan, S.[Shadi]

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