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Ouzounis, G.K.[Georgios K.] Co Author Listing * Connected Morphological Attribute Filters on Distributed Memory Parallel Machines
* Countering Oversegmentation in Partitioning-Based Connectivities
* Differential Area Profiles
* Differential Area Profiles: Decomposition Properties and Efficient Computation
* Efficient Algorithm for Computing Multi-scale Connectivity Measures, An
* Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Multi-Scale Analysis of Connected Components in Gigapixel Images, An
* Filament Enhancement by Non-linear Volumetric Filtering Using Clustering-Based Connectivity
* Hyperconnected Attribute Filters Based on k-Flat Zones
* Interactive collection of training samples from the Max-Tree structure
* Mask-Based Second-Generation Connectivity and Attribute Filters
* Multiscale quality assessment of Global Human Settlement Layer scenes against reference data using statistical learning
* Partition-induced connections and operators for pattern analysis
* Robust extraction of urinary stones from CT data using attribute filters
* Segmentation strategies for the alpha-tree data structure
* Surface-Area-Based Attribute Filtering in 3D
Includes: Ouzounis, G.K.[Georgios K.] Ouzounis, G.K.
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