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Ouamane, A.[Abdelmalik] Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition based on histograms of local descriptors
* Fusion by combination of scores multi-biometric systems
* Multi scale multi descriptor local binary features and exponential discriminant analysis for robust face authentication
* Multi-view Deep Features for Robust Facial Kinship Verification
* Robust multimodal 2D and 3D face authentication using local feature fusion
Includes: Ouamane, A.[Abdelmalik] Ouamane, A.

Ouamour, S.[Siham] Co Author Listing * Speaker Discrimination Based on a Fusion Between Neural and Statistical Classifiers
* Speaker Discrimination Using Several Classifiers and a Relativistic Speaker Characterization

Ouamri, A.[Abdelaziz] Co Author Listing * Blind spatial unmixing of multispectral images: New methods combining sparse component analysis, clustering and non-negativity constraints
* Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Constrained Bilinear or Linear-Quadratic Matrix Factorization
* Multi-ROI Association and Tracking With Belief Functions: Application to Traffic Sign Recognition
* Triangular traffic signs detection based on RSLD algorithm
Includes: Ouamri, A.[Abdelaziz] Ouamri, A.

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