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Oniz, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of the Archaic Amphoras of Ionia

Onizawa, N. Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter Based on Stochastic Computation
* High-Accuracy and Area-Efficient Stochastic FIR Digital Filters Based on Hybrid Computation
Includes: Onizawa, N. Onizawa, N.[Naoya]

Onizawa, S. Co Author Listing * Image processing LSI ISP-IV based on local parallel architecture and its applications

Onizuka, H. Co Author Listing * Landmark-Guided Deformation Transfer of Template Facial Expressions for Automatic Generation of Avatar Blendshapes
* TetraTSDF: 3D Human Reconstruction From a Single Image With a Tetrahedral Outer Shell

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