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Omata, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Real-time citywide reconstruction of traffic flow from moving cameras on lightweight edge devices

Omata, K.[Kazuko] Co Author Listing * Recovery of shape and surface reflectance of specular object from relative rotation of light source
* Recovery of shape and surface reflectance of specular object from rotation of light source

Omata, M.[Makoto] Co Author Listing * Lip Recognition Using Morphological Pattern Spectrum

Omata, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic signature verification based on the dynamic feature of pressure
* Motion-pattern recognition apparatus
Includes: Omata, S. Omata, S.[Satoshi]

Omata, T. Co Author Listing * Planning Focus of Attention for Multifingered Hand with Consideration of Time-Varying Aspects

Omatsu, H. Co Author Listing * Bias Field Correction of Chest Thin Section CT Images
* Extraction of Pulmonary Fissures from HRCT Images Based on Surface Curvatures Analysis and Morphology Filters
* Results in the Clinical Trial of CAD System for Lung Cancer Using Helical CT Images, The

Omatu, S. Co Author Listing * High-Speed Paper Currency Recognition By Neural Networks
* Identification of the defective transmission devices using the wavelet transform
* Neural Network Classification of Symmetrical and Nonsymmetrical Images Using New Moments with High Noise Tolerance
* New Invariant Moments for Non-Uniformly Scaled Images
* Remote Sensing Image Analysis Using a Neural Network and Knowledge Based Processing

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