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Ohshika, K.[Ken'ichi] Co Author Listing * Möbius Moduli for Fingerprint Orientation Fields

Ohshima, K. Co Author Listing * Head and Upper Body Pose Estimation in Team Sport Videos

Ohshima, K.I. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Thin-Ice Thickness and Discrimination of Ice Type From AMSR-E Passive Microwave Data
* Sea Ice Observation With Oceanographic HF Radar

Ohshima, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Color Reproduction Using Riemann Normal Coordinates
* Image processing apparatus and method to reduce gray levels of image
* Role of Retinal Bipolar Cell in Early Vision: An Implication with Analog Networks and Regularization Theory, The
Includes: Ohshima, S.[Satoshi] Ohshima, S.[Seiji] Ohshima, S.

Ohshima, T.[Takako] Co Author Listing * Visualizing precise vivo motion of bones

Ohshima, Y. Co Author Listing * Meal support system with spoon using laser range finder and manipulator

Ohshita, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Optical apparatus capable of performing a panoramic photographing

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