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Ohara, A. Co Author Listing * ruled-line extraction method for digital camera images, A

Ohara, K.[Kenichi] Co Author Listing * Face relighting using discriminative 2D spherical spaces for face recognition
* Image scaling using cubic filters
* Learning and Transforming General Representations to Break Down Stability-plasticity Dilemma
* Learning Personal Preference From Viewer's Operations for Browsing and Its Application to Baseball Video Retrieval and Summarization
* Low-Power Video Encoder/Decoder Chip Set for Digital VCRs
* Video signal enhancement optimized on SVP2
* What is Happening Inside a Continual Learning Model?: A Representation-Based Evaluation of Representational Forgetting
Includes: Ohara, K.[Kenichi] Ohara, K.[Kazuhiro] Ohara, K.[Kouzou] Ohara, K.
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Ohara, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Attention Monitoring for Music Contents Based on Analysis of Signal-Behavior Structures

Ohara, N.[Noriaki] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing-Based Statistical Approach for Defining Drained Lake Basins in a Continuous Permafrost Region, North Slope of Alaska
* Simultaneous linear separation and unmixing of fluorescent and reflective components from a single hyperspectral image
Includes: Ohara, N.[Noriaki] Ohara, N.

Ohara, S.[Shuichi] Co Author Listing * method for inspecting industrial parts surfaces based on an optics model, A
* Parametric Template Method and its Application to Robust Matching, A

OHare, G.M.P. Co Author Listing * Managing Wandering Risk in People With Dementia

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