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Nuti, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Tool for Topographic Analysis of Electrode Contacts in Human Cortical Stimulation, A

Nutini, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Analysis of earth observation time series to investigate the relation between rainfall, vegetation dynamic and streamflow in the Uele' basin (Central African Republic)
* Evaporative Fraction as an Indicator of Moisture Condition and Water Stress Status in Semi-Arid Rangeland Ecosystems
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Hybrid retrieval of crop traits from multi-temporal PRISMA hyperspectral imagery
* Identification of environmental anomaly hot spots in West Africa from time series of NDVI and rainfall
* Influence of Soil Properties on Maize and Wheat Nitrogen Status Assessment from Sentinel-2 Data
* Rapid Assessment of Crop Status: An Application of MODIS and SAR Data to Rice Areas in Leyte, Philippines Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
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