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Numa, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * Multi-Category Image Super-Resolution with Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-Task Learning

Numada, M. Co Author Listing * fast hough transform based on C3TR using shift operation, A
* On the Extensive Reconstruction of Hough Transforms
* Sharpening of CT images by cubic interpolation using B-spline

Numagami, H.[Hideo] Co Author Listing * Application of a parallel pattern processor to remote sensing

Numakami, M.[Mariko] Co Author Listing * Maxwell Normal Distribution in a Manifold and Mahalanobis Metric

Numano, S.[Shunsuke] Co Author Listing * Task-Driven Saliency Detection on Music Video

Numao, M.[Masayuki] Co Author Listing * Encoder-Decoder Based Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Scale-Aware Modules for Crowd Counting
* Frame-Like Knowledge Representation System for Computer Vision, A
* Geometric method for document understanding and classification using online machine learning
Includes: Numao, M.[Masayuki] Numao, M.

Numata, I.[Izaya] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods for Modeling Fractional Cover Using Simulated Satellite Hyperspectral Imager Spectra
* Dry Season Evapotranspiration Dynamics over Human-Impacted Landscapes in the Southern Amazon Using the Landsat-Based METRIC Model
* Evaluation of Landsat-Based METRIC Modeling to Provide High-Spatial Resolution Evapotranspiration Estimates for Amazonian Forests
* Ten-Year Landsat Classification of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Brazilian Amazon

Numata, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Effective Seasonal Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Data in Peninsular Malaysia

Numata, T. Co Author Listing * Polarization imaging of a 3D object by use of on-axis phase-shifting digital holography

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