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Ntziachristos, V. Co Author Listing * 24-MHz Scanner for Optoacoustic Imaging of Skin and Burn
* Acceleration of Optoacoustic Model-Based Reconstruction Using Angular Image Discretization
* Accuracy of Fluorescent Tomography in the Presence of Heterogeneities: Study of the Normalized Born Ratio
* Accurate Model-Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Tomography
* Bayesian Approach to Eigenspectra Optoacoustic Tomography, A
* Constrained Inversion and Spectral Unmixing in Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
* Data Specific Spatially Varying Regularization for Multimodal Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
* Deep Learning-Based Spectral Unmixing for Optoacoustic Imaging of Tissue Oxygen Saturation
* Deep-Learning-Based Electrical Noise Removal Enables High Spectral Optoacoustic Contrast in Deep Tissue
* Diffuse optical tomography of highly heterogeneous media
* Disentangling the Frequency Content in Optoacoustics
* Efficient Framework for Model-Based Tomographic Image Reconstruction Using Wavelet Packets
* Elucidating Structure and Function In Vivo With Hybrid Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Experimental fluorescence tomography of tissues with noncontact measurements
* Fast Semi-Analytical Model-Based Acoustic Inversion for Quantitative Optoacoustic Tomography
* Fluorescent protein tomography scanner for small animal imaging
* FMT-PCCT: Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography: X-Ray Phase-Contrast CT Imaging of Mouse Models
* High-Throughput Sparsity-Based Inversion Scheme for Optoacoustic Tomography
* Hybrid System for Simultaneous Fluorescence and X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Image analysis for assessing molecular activity changes in time-dependent geometries
* Implications of Ultrasound Frequency in Optoacoustic Mesoscopy of the Skin
* Importance of Ultrawide Bandwidth for Optoacoustic Esophagus Imaging
* Improving Optoacoustic Image Quality via Geometric Pixel Super-Resolution Approach
* In Vivo Three-Dimensional Raster Scan Optoacoustic Mesoscopy Using Frequency Domain Inversion
* Inversion Scheme for Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography Using a Fuzzy Inference System, An
* Light Illumination and Detection Patterns for Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography Based on Compressive Sensing
* Model-Based Optoacoustic Image Reconstruction of Large Three-Dimensional Tomographic Datasets Acquired With an Array of Directional Detectors
* Motion Quantification and Automated Correction in Clinical RSOM
* Multiscale Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography by a Stationary Wavelet Transform Prior to Unmixing
* Optical and Optoacoustic Model-Based Tomography: Theory and current challenges for deep tissue imaging of optical contrast
* Optoacoustic Dermoscopy of the Human Skin: Tuning Excitation Energy for Optimal Detection Bandwidth With Fast and Deep Imaging in vivo
* Quantitative Optoacoustic Signal Extraction Using Sparse Signal Representation
* Skin Surface Detection in 3D Optoacoustic Mesoscopy Based on Dynamic Programming
* Statistical Approach for Optoacoustic Image Reconstruction in the Presence of Strong Acoustic Heterogeneities
* Statistical Approach to Inverting the Born Ratio, A
* Statistical Molecular Target Detection Framework for Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
* Surface Reconstruction for Free-Space 360 deg Fluorescence Molecular Tomography and the Effects of Animal Motion
* Synthetic Total Impulse Response Characterization Method for Correction of Hand-Held Optoacoustic Images, A
* Unmixing Molecular Agents From Absorbing Tissue in Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography
* Volumetric Optoacoustic Imaging With Multi-Bandwidth Deconvolution
Includes: Ntziachristos, V. Ntziachristos, V.[Vasilis]
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Ntziachristos, Y. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Compressive Sensing for Biomedical Imaging

Ntzios, K. Co Author Listing * Keyword-guided word spotting in historical printed documents using synthetic data and user feedback
* old greek handwritten OCR system based on an efficient segmentation-free approach, An
* old Greek handwritten OCR system, An
* segmentation-free approach for keyword search in historical typewritten documents, A
* Segmentation-Free Recognition Technique to Assist Old Greek Handwritten Manuscript OCR, A
Includes: Ntzios, K. Ntzios, K.[Kostas]

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