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Nouman, A.S.[Ahmad Saleem] Co Author Listing * Prototyping of Environmental Kit for Georeferenced Transient Outdoor Comfort Assessment

Noumeir, R. Co Author Listing * computer vision method for respiratory monitoring in intensive care environment using RGB-D cameras, A
* Detecting three-dimensional rotation of an ellipsoid from its orthographic projections
* Images within the Electronic Health Record
* Intelligent video surveillance for real-time detection of suicide attempts
* Limitations of the SSIM quality metric in the context of diagnostic imaging
* Real-time recognition of suicidal behavior using an RGB-D camera
* Use of an optical flow algorithm to quantify and correct patient motion during tomographic acquisition
Includes: Noumeir, R. Noumeir, R.[Rita]
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Noumonvi, K.D.[Koffi Dodji] Co Author Listing * Empirical Approach for Modelling Tree Phenology in Mixed Forests Using Remote Sensing
* Estimation of Carbon Fluxes from Eddy Covariance Data and Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices in a Karst Grassland (Podgorski Kras, Slovenia)

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