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Nnolim, U.A.[Uche A.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Selective Edge-Based Integer/Fractional-Order Partial Differential Equation for Degraded Document Image Binarization
* Formulation of Fractional Derivative-Based De-Hazing Algorithm and Implementation on Mobile-Embedded Devices
* FPGA-Based Hardware Architecture for Fuzzy Homomorphic Enhancement Based on Partial Differential Equations
* FPGA-Based Multiplier-Less Log-Based Hardware Architectures for Hybrid Color Image Enhancement System
* Image multi-encryption architecture based on hybrid keystream sequence interspersed with Haar discrete wavelet transform
* Improved partial differential equation-based enhancement for underwater images using local-global contrast operators and fuzzy homomorphic processes
* Improved Single Image De-Hazing Via Sky Region Detection, Classification and Illumination Refinement
* Probabilistic, Multi-Scale Fractional Tonal Correction Bilateral Filter-Based Hazy Image Enhancement
* Single Image De-Hazing via Multiscale Wavelet Decomposition and Estimation with Fractional Gradient-Anisotropic Diffusion Fusion
Includes: Nnolim, U.A.[Uche A.] Nnolim, U.A.[Uche Afam] Nnolim, U.A.
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