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Niimi, M. Co Author Listing * Application of bit-plane decomposition steganography to wavelet encoded images
* Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video
* Application of Complexity Measure to Reversible Information Hiding
* Application of QIM with Dead Zone for Histogram Preserving JPEG Steganography
* application of Sparse Code Shrinkage to image steganalysis based on supervised learning, An
* attack to BPCS-steganography using complexity histogram and countermeasure, An
* colorization algorithm based on local MAP estimation, A
* Colorization in YCbCr color space and its application to JPEG images
* Colorization in YCbCr Space and its Application to Improve Quality of JPEG Color Images
* Gray Image Compression Using a Hilbert Scan, A
* High capacity and secure digital steganography to palette-based images
* High-performance JPEG steganography using quantization index modulation in DCT domain
* Image Embedding in Image by a Complexity Based Region Segmentation Method, An
* Improvement of JPEG Compression Efficiency Using Information Hiding and Image Restoration
* Interactive analysis of multi-spectral images using a Hilbert curve
* Local MAP estimation for quality improvement of compressed color images
* Luminance quasi-preserving color quantization for digital steganography to palette-based images
* multi-temporal classification of multi-spectral images using a neural network, A
* Reversible data hiding of full color JPEG2000 compressed bit-stream preserving bit-depth information
* Simple and Efficient Colorization in YCbCr Color Space
* Study on Visual Attack to BPCS-Steganography and Countermeasure, A
Includes: Niimi, M. Niimi, M.[Michiharu]
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