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Niaz, M.A.[Muhammad Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Spatial Downscaling of GRACE Data Based on XGBoost Model for Improved Understanding of Hydrological Droughts in the Indus Basin Irrigation System (IBIS)

Niaz, U.F.[Usman Farrokh] Co Author Listing * Entropy Based Supervised Merging for Visual Categorization

Niazi, M.F.K.[Muhammad Farooq Khan] Co Author Listing * Automatic medical image interpretation: State of the art and future directions

Niazi, M.K.K.[Muhammad Khalid Khan] Co Author Listing * Robust Signal Generation and Analysis of Rat Embryonic Heart Rate in Vitro Using Laplacian Eigenmaps and Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Velocity-Image Model for Online Signature Verification
Includes: Niazi, M.K.K.[Muhammad Khalid Khan] Niazi, M.K.K.

Niazi, U.M.[Usama Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Ground Validation of Satellite and Reanalysis Precipitation Products over Diverse Climatic and Topographic Conditions

Niazmardi, S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Soil Moisture and Earth's Surface Temperature Using Landsat-8 Satellite Data
* Maximum Margin Clustering of Hyperspectral Data
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Urban Area Extraction in SAR Data
* Urban Heat Island Growth Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Regression: A case study of Tehran, Iran

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