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Nanculef, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Bagging with Asymmetric Costs for Misclassified and Correctly Classified Examples
* Boosting SpLSA for Text Classification
* Efficient Sparse Approximation of Support Vector Machines Solving a Kernel Lasso
* Ensemble Method for Incremental Classification in Stationary and Non-stationary Environments, An
* New Algorithm for Training SVMs Using Approximate Minimal Enclosing Balls, A
* Robust Alternating AdaBoost
* Sequential Minimal Optimization Algorithm for the All-Distances Support Vector Machine, A
Includes: Nanculef, R.[Ricardo] Ņanculef, R.[Ricardo]
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Nancy Jane, Y. Co Author Listing * survey on spatio-temporal framework for kinematic gait analysis in RGB videos, A

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