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Muzzamil Luqman, M. Co Author Listing * FaceLiveNet: End-to-End Networks Combining Face Verification with Interactive Facial Expression-Based Liveness Detection

Muzzammil, K.[Khairul] Co Author Listing * Robust feature detection based on local variation for image retrieval

Muzzolini, R.[Russell] Co Author Listing * Classifier Design with Incomplete Knowledge
* Texture Characterization Using Robust Statistics

Muzzolini, R.E.[Russ E.] Co Author Listing * email: Muzzolini, R.E.[Russ E.]: russ AT cs usask ca
* Multiresolution Texture Segmentation Approach with Application to Diagnostic Ultrasound Images, A
* Three dimensional segmentation of volume data
Includes: Muzzolini, R.E.[Russ E.] Muzzolini, R.E.

Muzzupappa, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Documentation of Archeological Remains in the Underwater Park of Baiae
* Comparison Between Active and Passive Techniques for Underwater 3D Applications, A
* Experimentation of structured light and stereo vision for underwater 3D reconstruction
* New Color Correction Method for Underwater Imaging, A
* Opto-Acoustic Data Fusion for Supporting the Guidance of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs)
* Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools to Improve the Exploitation of Underwater Archaeological Sites by Diver and Non-diver Tourists
* Virtual Diving in the Underwater Archaeological Site of Cala Minnola
Includes: Muzzupappa, M. Muzzupappa, M.[Maurizio]
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