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Murn, L. Co Author Listing * Interpreting CNN For Low Complexity Learned Sub-Pixel Motion Compensation In Video Coding

Murnaghan, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Effects of Disturbance and Climate Change on Ecosystem Performance in the Yukon River Basin Boreal Forest
* Multi-Source EO for Dynamic Wetland Mapping and Monitoring in the Great Lakes Basin
* SAR Backscatter and InSAR Coherence for Monitoring Wetland Extent, Flood Pulse and Vegetation: A Study of the Amazon Lowland
* Seasonal Change in Wetland Coherence as an Aid to Wetland Monitoring
* Seasonal Surface Subsidence and Frost Heave Detected by C-Band DInSAR in a High Arctic Environment, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut, Canada
* Validation of Spaceborne Radar Surface Water Mapping with Optical sUAS Images
Includes: Murnaghan, K.[Kevin] Murnaghan, K.

Murni, A.[Aniati] Co Author Listing * email: Murni, A.[Aniati]: murniani AT cps msu edu

Murnmadi, C.K.[Chaithanya Kumar] Co Author Listing * Give Me Your Attention: Dot-Product Attention Considered Harmful for Adversarial Patch Robustness

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