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Mulgaonkar, P.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Address Blocks on Irregular Mail Pieces
* Automatic Vision Programming
* CAD-Based Feature Utility Measures for Automatic Vision Programming
* Computational Framework for Hypothesis Based Reasoning and Its Applications to Perspective Analysis, A
* Generalized Blob Model for 3D Object Representation, A
* Hypothesis-Based Geometric Reasoning About Perspective Images
* Identification of Man-Made Objects using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Matching Sticks, Plates, and Blobs Objects Using Geometric and Relational Constraints
* Matching Three-Dimensional Models
* Matching Three-Dimensional Objects Using a Relational Paradigm
* Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects from Single Perspective Views Using Geometric and Relational Reasoning
* Robust Vision-Programs Based on Statistical Feature Measurements
* Scene Description for Object Manipulation in Unstructured Environments
* Scene Description Using Range Data
* Shape from Perspective: A Rule-Based Approach
* Spatial Reasoning Using Modular Inference Engines
* Sticks, Plates, and Blobs: Three-Dimensional Object Representation for Scene Analysis
* Uncertainty Update and Dynamic Search Window for Model-Based Object Recognition
* Understanding Object Configurations Using Range Images
* Using Rough Relational Models for Geometric Reasoning
Includes: Mulgaonkar, P.G. Mulgaonkar, P.G.[Prasanna G.]
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Mulgrew, B. Co Author Listing * Editorial: Nonlinear and non-gaussian signal processing
* Effects of FDMA/TDMA Orthogonality on the Gaussian Pulse Train MIMO Ambiguity Function
* Frequency-Based Optimal Radar Waveform Design for Classification Performance Maximization Using Multiclass Fisher Analysis
* High-Resolution Wide-Swath IRCI-Free MIMO SAR
* New hypothesis test: a repropagation method to test the applicability of linear ICA to a given problem (highlighted by an EEG case study applied to epilepsy)
* Video rate control using a radial basis function estimator for constant bit-rate MPEG coders
Includes: Mulgrew, B. Mulgrew, B.[Bernard]

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