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Mukerjee, A.[Amitabha] Co Author Listing * Activity Discovery from Surveillance Videos
* Activity Discovery Using Compressed Suffix Trees
* Anomaly Localization in Topic-Based Analysis of Surveillance Videos
* Back to the future: Robust foreground extraction with reversed-time background modeling
* Characterizing Predicate Arity and Spatial Structure for Inductive Learning of Game Rules
* Conceptual description of visual scenes from linguistic models
* Conceptualizing Images
* Confidence Based updation of Motion Conspicuity in Dynamic Scenes
* Efficient occlusion handling for multiple agent tracking by reasoning with surveillance event primitives
* Efficient Registration of Aerial Image Sequences Without Camera Priors
* Formulation, detection and application of occlusion states (Oc-7) in the context of multiple object tracking
* Fourier shape-frequency words for actions
* Human pose estimation in surveillance videos using temporal continuity on static pose
* Multiscale Co-linearity Statistic Based Approach to Robust Background Modeling, A
* Spatio-temporal Discovery: Appearance + Behavior = Agent
* Unsupervised Language Learning for Discovered Visual Concepts
Includes: Mukerjee, A.[Amitabha] Mukerjee, A.
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Mukerjee, K.[Kunal] Co Author Listing * Windows Media Video 9: Overview and Applications

Mukerji, M. Co Author Listing * fast multifunctional approach for document image analysis, A

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