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Mujumdar, M.[Milind] Co Author Listing * Indian COSMOS Network (ICON): Validating L-Band Remote Sensing and Modelled Soil Moisture Data Products, The

Mujumdar, N. Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation Using Part Analysis for Shape Classification
* Local manipulation of image layers using standard image processing primitives
Includes: Mujumdar, N. Mujumdar, N.[Niranjan]

Mujumdar, S.[Shashank] Co Author Listing * Budgeted Batch Mode Active Learning with Generalized Cost and Utility Functions
* Learning an Order Preserving Image Similarity through Deep Ranking
* novel framework for segmentation of stroke lesions in Diffusion Weighted MRI using multiple b-value data, A
* Pentuplet Loss for Simultaneous Shots and Critical Points Detection in a Video
Includes: Mujumdar, S.[Shashank] Mujumdar, S.

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