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Mugnai, A. Co Author Listing * Modeling Uncertainties for Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval: Evaluation of a Case Study
* Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics

Mugnai, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Soft Pseudo-labeling Semi-supervised Learning Applied to Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Text alignment in early printed books combining deep learning and dynamic programming

Mugnai, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Low Altitude Photogrammetric Surveys, A
* D3mobile Metrology World League: Training Secondary Students on Smartphone-based Photogrammetry
* Developing Affordable Bathymetric Analysis Techniques Using Non-conventional Payload for Cultural Heritage Inspections
* Exploiting a Semi-Automatic Point Cloud Segmentation Method to Improve the Quality of Rock-Mass Characterization. The Cima Grappa Conservative Restoration Case Study
* Geomatics in Bridge Structural Health Monitoring, Integrating Terrestrial Laser Scanning Techniques and Geotechnical Inspections On A High Value Cultural Heritage
* Search and Inspection Archaeological Underwater Campaigns in The Framework of The European Arrows Project
Includes: Mugnai, F.[Francesco] Mugnai, F.

Mugnaini, M. Co Author Listing * Image retrieval by color regions
* Pervasive Wireless Sensor Networks for the Monitoring of Large Monumental Structures: The Case of the Ancient City Walls of Siena
* PICASSO: Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions
* Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions
Includes: Mugnaini, M. Mugnaini, M.[Marco]

Mugner, E. Co Author Listing * Denoising of 3d Point Clouds

Mugnier, C.[Cliff] Co Author Listing * Micro-Topography Mapping through Terrestrial LiDAR in Densely Vegetated Coastal Environments

Mugnier, L.M.[Laurent M.] Co Author Listing * 3D phase diversity: a myopic deconvolution method for short-exposure images: application to retinal imaging
* MISTRAL: a myopic edge-preserving image restoration method, with application to astronomical adaptive-optics-corrected long-exposure images
* Statistical Behavior of Joint Least-Square Estimation in the Phase Diversity Context
* Transfer Function Estimation for Spaceborne Telescopes
Includes: Mugnier, L.M.[Laurent M.] Mugnier, L.M.

Mugno, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Shape deformation in continuous map generalization

Mugnozza, G.S.[Gabriele Scarascia] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Terrestrial Laser Scanning to the Analysis of Cliff Slope Stability in Sugano (Central Italy), The
* Estimating Afforestation Area Using Landsat Time Series and Photointerpreted Datasets
* New Method for Automated Clearcut Disturbance Detection in Mediterranean Coppice Forests Using Landsat Time Series, A
* Optical and Thermal Image Processing for Monitoring Rainfall Triggered Shallow Landslides: Insights from Analogue Laboratory Experiments
* Reusing Remote Sensing-Based Validation Data: Comparing Direct and Indirect Approaches for Afforestation Monitoring
Includes: Mugnozza, G.S.[Gabriele Scarascia] Mugnozza, G.S.[Giuseppe Scarascia]

Mugnuolo, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition Based on a Viewpoint Analysis

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