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Moujahdi, C.[Chouaib] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint shell: Secure representation of fingerprint template
* Spiral Cube for Biometric Template Protection

Moujahid, A.[Abdelmalik] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Delineation and Classification of Built Heritage Masonry
* Image-Based Delineation of Built Heritage Masonry for Automatic Classification

Moujahid, D.[Driss] Co Author Listing * block-based background model for moving object detection, A
* Effective Foreground Detection Approach Using a Block-Based Background Modeling, An
* Image Analysis Using Disc-Harmonic Moments and Their RST Invariants in Pattern Recognition
* Motion detection based on the combining of the background subtraction and spatial color information
* Moving object detection with an adaptive background model
* Moving object detection zone using a block-based background model
* Visual object tracking via the local soft cosine similarity
Includes: Moujahid, D.[Driss] Moujahid, D.
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Moujtahid, S.[Salma] Co Author Listing * Classifying Global Scene Context for On-line Multiple Tracker Selection
* Spatial-UNet: Deep Learning-Based Lane Detection Using Fisheye Cameras for Autonomous Driving

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