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Miwa, M. Co Author Listing * Extracting a Traffic Sign From the Video Stream Using Color Filtering, Histogram Analysis, and Texture Analysis
* Image Defocus Analysis for Finger Detection on A Virtual Keyboard
* Screen Projection Camera for Ranging Far Away Objects
Includes: Miwa, M. Miwa, M.[Michio]

Miwa, T. Co Author Listing * Application of hyperpath strategy and driving experience to risk-averse navigation
* Automatic Detection of Lung Cancers in Chest CT Images by Variable N-Quoit Filter
* Comparative Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Distribution between Traditional Taxi Service and Emerging Ride-Hailing
* Non-linear fixed and multi-level random effects of origin-destination specific attributes on route choice behaviour
* Nondestructive Evaluation of Localized Rebar Corrosion in Concrete Using Vibro-Radar Based on Pulse Doppler Imaging
Includes: Miwa, T. Miwa, T.[Tomoko] Miwa, T.[Tomio] Miwa, T.[Takashi]

Miwa, Y.[Yuka] Co Author Listing * Distortion-Adaptive Grape Bunch Counting for Omnidirectional Images
* Parallax calculating apparatus, distance calculating apparatus, methods of the same, and information providing media
Includes: Miwa, Y.[Yuka] Miwa, Y.[Yoko]

Miwakeichi, F. Co Author Listing * Detection and Visualization Method of Dynamic State Transition for Biological Spatio-Temporal Imaging Data

Miwata, Y.[Yasuhiko] Co Author Listing * KIZUKI Processing for Visual Inspection: A Smart Pattern Pop-Out Algorithm Based on Human Visual Architecture

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