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Mermati, F. Co Author Listing * Image-based 3D modeling for the knowledge and the representation of archaeological dig and pottery: Sant'Omobono and Sarno project's strategies

Mermelstein, P. Co Author Listing * Approaches to layered coding for dual-rate wireless video transmission
* Experiments of Computer Recognition of Connected Handwritten Words
* Speaker adaptation in a large-vocabulary Gaussian HMM recognizer

Mermer, C. Co Author Listing * de-blocking algorithm and a blockiness metric for highly compressed images, A
* Real-time video postprocessing for deblocking and deringing on mediaprocessors
Includes: Mermer, C. Mermer, C.[Coskun]

Mermet, M.A. Co Author Listing * Mathematical modeling in genetic networks: relationships between the genetic expression and both chromosomic breakage and positive circuits

Mermigkas, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * FTIR Measurements of Greenhouse Gases over Thessaloniki, Greece in the Framework of COCCON and Comparison with S5P/TROPOMI Observations

Merminod, B. Co Author Listing * Correction Of Airborne Pushbroom Images Orientation Using Bundle Adjustment Of Frame Images
* Direct Georeferencing of a Pushbroom, Lightweight Hyperspectral System for Mini-UAV Applications
Includes: Merminod, B. Merminod, B.[Bertrand]

Mermoz, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Continuous Detection of Forest Loss in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Detection of Irrigated Crops from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data to Estimate Seasonal Groundwater Use in South India
* Estimation and Mapping of Forest Structure Parameters from Open Access Satellite Images: Development of a Generic Method with a Study Case on Coniferous Plantation
* Evaluation of the Sensitivity of SMOS L-VOD to Forest Above-Ground Biomass at Global Scale
* Forest Disturbances and Regrowth Assessment Using ALOS PALSAR Data from 2007 to 2010 in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR
* Use of SAR and Optical Time Series for Tropical Forest Disturbance Mapping
* Use of the SAR Shadowing Effect for Deforestation Detection with Sentinel-1 Time Series
Includes: Mermoz, S.[Stephane] Mermoz, S.[Stéphane]
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