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Medynska Gulij, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * Cartographic Redundancy in Reducing Change Blindness in Detecting Extreme Values in Spatio-Temporal Maps
* Complexity Level of People Gathering Presentation on an Animated Map: Objective Effectiveness Versus Expert Opinion
* Experts and Gamers on Immersion into Reconstructed Strongholds
* Land Use Mapping Techniques (Including the Areas Used by Pedestrians) Based on Low-Level Aerial Imagery, The
* Mini-Map for Gamers Who Walk and Teleport in a Virtual Stronghold
* Modern Cartographic Forms of Expression: The Renaissance of Multimedia Cartography
* Time, Spatial, and Descriptive Features of Pedestrian Tracks on Set of Visualizations
* Web Map Effectiveness in the Responsive Context of the Graphical User Interface
Includes: Medynska Gulij, B.[Beata] Medynska-Gulij, B.[Beata]
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