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Macneill, J. Co Author Listing * Can cargo drones solve air freight's logjams? A drone startup says its big vertical-takeoff flier would be quick to land, load, and take off again

Macnicol, J.[James] Co Author Listing * H.264-based stream morphing with scalable motion coding
* Network traffic demand patterns for video over relative differentiated services networks
* Rate control for MPEG-2 SNR scalability and stream morphing using codeword estimation and overhead modelling
* Scalable video coding by stream morphing
* Stream morphing approaches to temporal scalable video coding
Includes: Macnicol, J.[James] Macnicol, J.

MacNish, C.[Cara] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Color Digital Image Correlation for Deformation Measurement in Geomechanical Structures
* Digital image correlation for small strain measurement in deformable solids and geomechanical structures
* Digital image correlation to analyze nonlinear elastic behavior of materials
* Extending Digital Image Correlation to Reconstruct Displacement and Strain Fields around Discontinuities in Geomechanical Structures under Deformation
* Semi-supervised Neighborhood Preserving Discriminant Embedding: A Semi-supervised Subspace Learning Algorithm
Includes: MacNish, C.[Cara] MacNish, C.

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