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Lumelsky, V.J.[Vladimir J.] Co Author Listing * combined algorithm for weighting the variables and clustering in the clustering problem, A
* Dynamic Path Planning in Sensor-Based Terrain Acquisition
* Final report for the DARPA/NSF interdisciplinary study on human-robot interaction
* Object Exploration by Purposive, Dynamic Viewpoint Adjustment
* Provable Strategies for Vision-Guided Exploration in Three Dimensions
* Special Issue on Robot Motion Planning
* Special Issue on Sensor-Based Planning and Control in Robotics
* Vision-Guided Exploration: A Step toward General Motion Planning in Three Dimensions
Includes: Lumelsky, V.J.[Vladimir J.] Lumelsky, V.J.
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Lumens, J.[Joost] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Septal Motion Abnormalities in Left Bundle Branch Block Patients Using Computer Simulations
* Hemodynamics in Aortic Regurgitation Simulated Using a Computational Cardiovascular System Model
Includes: Lumens, J.[Joost] Lumens, J.

Lumentut, J.S. Co Author Listing * Deep Recurrent Network for Fast and Full-Resolution Light Field Deblurring
* Human Motion Deblurring Using Localized Body Prior
Includes: Lumentut, J.S. Lumentut, J.S.[Jonathan Samuel]

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