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Lomakin, V.[Vasily] Co Author Listing * Os2d: One-stage One-shot Object Detection by Matching Anchor Features

Lomaliza, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Co Author Listing * Initial Pose Estimation of 3d Object with Severe Occlusion Using Deep Learning
Includes: Lomaliza, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Lomaliza, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]

Lomas, D.R. Co Author Listing * Model-Driven Object Recognition: Complexity Issues

Lomas, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite Derived Leaf Area Index over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part II: Earth System Models
* Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite-Derived LAI over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part I: Uncoupled DGVMs

Lomas, M.R. Co Author Listing * Impact of System Effects on Estimates of Faraday Rotation From Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements, The
* Interaction Between Faraday Rotation and System Effects in Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements of Backscatter and Biomass, The

Lomas, M.W.[Michael W.] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Photosynthesis Parameters from Time Series Measurements of In Situ Production: Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study

Lomax, N.[Nik] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Glyphmaps for Analysing the Scale and Temporal Spread of COVID-19 Reported Cases

Lomax, W.C.[Willard Curtis] Co Author Listing * Imaging arrangement which allows for capturing an image of a view at different resolutions
* Method and apparatus for a panoramic camera to capture a 360 degree image
* Method and apparatus for implementing a panoptic camera system
* Method and apparatus for presenting images from a remote location
* Methods, apparatus, and program products for presenting panoramic images of a remote location
* Panoramic camera
* Panoramic imaging arrangement
* Panoramic imaging arrangement I
* Preparing a panoramic image for presentation
Includes: Lomax, W.C.[Willard Curtis] Lomax, W.C.[Willard C.]
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