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Lokoc, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * Approximating the Signature Quadratic Form Distance Using Scalable Feature Signatures
* Comparative Study for Known Item Visual Search Using Position Color Feature Signatures, A
* Dynamic Hierarchical Visualization of Keyframes in Endoscopic Video
* Enhanced Signature-Based Video Browser
* Feature-level Augmentation to Improve Robustness of Deep Neural Networks to Affine Transformations
* Image exploration using online feature extraction and reranking
* Indexing the signature quadratic form distance for efficient content-based multimedia retrieval
* Interactive Video Retrieval in the Age of Deep Learning: Detailed Evaluation of VBS 2019
* Marine Video Kit: A New Marine Video Dataset for Content-Based Analysis and Retrieval
* Multi-sketch Semantic Video Browser
* On Influential Trends in Interactive Video Retrieval: Video Browser Showdown 2015-2017
* On the User-Centric Comparative Remote Evaluation of Interactive Video Search Systems
* Rating-Aware Self-Organizing Maps
* Revisiting SIRET Video Retrieval Tool
* Scalable 3D shape retrieval using local features and the signature quadratic form distance
* Signature-Based Video Browser
* Som-hunter: Video Browsing with Relevance-to-som Feedback Loop
* Somhunter V2 at Video Browser Showdown 2021
* Study of a Cross-modal Interactive Search Tool Using CLIP and Temporal Fusion, A
* Task Category Space for User-Centric Comparative Multimedia Search Evaluations, A
* Video Hunter at VBS 2017
* Video Search with Collage Queries
* Video Search with Context-Aware Ranker and Relevance Feedback
* Viret at Video Browser Showdown 2020
* VIRET Tool Meets NasNet
* W2VV++ Bert Model at VBS 2021
* Web Portal for Effective Multi-model Exploration, A
Includes: Lokoc, J.[Jakub] Lokoc, J.
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